Our Church Family


One of the parish goals is ongoing efforts to maintain, improve and beautify our facilities.

On the occasion of our 60th parish anniversary we established Renovation Fund which includes:
   - donations from individual businesses and corporations,

   - monthly maintenance collection.

Last year we have been focusing on the renovation of the Chapel, painting and maintaining the rectory offices,
improving the parking lot.

At this time we are working on Hardy Hall – we painted the offices, purchased the new furniture. The internet for the teachers have been installed and introduced.  The new TV screen for the parents and teachers allows to view the latest events in the Lifelong Faith Formation. We are also in the process of finalizing the contemporary library called John Paul II Resource Center including many movies and books allowing our parishioner to deepen our catholic faith.

We invite everyone to see the changes in the Chapel.
The further renovation will be possible only by your generous response. You can write a check with renovation memo, or you can also donate online and click on the link below.


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