Lifelong Faith Formation


“Those who are already disciples of Jesus Christ … need to be constantly nourished by the Word of God so that they may grow in their Christian life. Such lifelong formation is always needed and must be a priority in the Church’s catechetical ministry.”
Our Hearts Were Burning Within Us, 12

Our major objectives in Adult Faith Formation are following:

- to invite and enable ongoing conversion to Jesus in holiness of life,

- promote and support active membership in the Catholic Christian community,

- call and prepare adults to act as disciples to evangelization and justice in the world

National Directory for Catechesis states:

“The Christian faith is, above all, conversion to Jesus Christ… The process of conversion involves understanding who Christ is in order to change and follow him more closely. Conversion begins with openness to the initial proclamation of the Gospel and a sincere desire to listen for its resonance within…This is crucial: we must be converted – and we must continue to be converted! We must let the Holy Spirit change our lives! We must respond to Jesus Christ.”

Since 2009 we have provided many opportunities to adults to grow in faith. There were sessions in Bible Study regarding the entire four Gospels: Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John. Last year we had a special presentation to moms and ran biblical movie marathon. This year we explored the famous series of “Catholicism,” produced by Fr. Barron.

On Oct 11, 2012, we had a movie presentation about Second Vatican Council produced by Vatican Television to commemorate its 50th anniversary.

On Oct 18, 2012, Professor Renata Webb presented a lecture about a “Year of Faith,” pope Benedict XVI invited all Catholics to rekindle the spirit of Catholic Faith.

From Sep 3, 2012 we are doing very exciting and spiritually enriching series “EPIC – A JOURNEY THROUGH CHURCH HISTORY.” First part with ten sessions will end on Nov 13, 2012.

Part Two also with ten sessions will be begin in 2013 year. A certificate of completion will be issued after attending all sessions.

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